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hey Chris, I found a way to download Moirai again today in 2021, from SteamDB:

(I wrote this comment just to let you know)

This game is amazing and I love the music :)

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I'm loving it so far!


Finished the game: it was so so so good! I really loved it!

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Hey, this game is really incredible. Just thought you should know, The editor always launches when I play. It's cool, because I can mess with everything, but I'm guessing not your intention. I was really confused at first because I thought I was playing a level editor.

Yeah that's my bad. I need to configure the game to properly work with the app. I'll be pushing an update to the game soon.

I actually loved messing around with the editor! I was pretty blown away by your tools.

This is a great game! Good job :D


For me, this game is a lot of things. It's beautiful, it's talented, it's thought provoking. This isn't your normal platforming rage game, this game is relaxing, even in failure. The sound track is amazing, and it really adds a whole dimension to the world that's created in this game.

If you are still on the fence, let me show you just a little bit of it. It's an experience from start to finish:


The movement is so slow. It should be triple the speed, then it would be challenging. At the moment I find it very boring. Nothing compared to Super Hexagon or Circa Infinity.