This is a demake of the 2011 iOS game called Gem Thief by Evil Genius.

This demake contains all 50 original levels, sequenced in their original order. Some liberties have been taken with graphics and audio in order to conform to the constraints of PuzzleScript. You can view footage of the original game here.

Gem Thief is no longer available on the iOS App store and the company appears to have been nonoperational for several years. So I'm operating under the assumption that the project has been abandoned. This is a great shame since, at least from my point of view there are some good puzzles in the game. Before release I attempted to contact the developers seeking permission to release the demake. Having not received a response and given the state of the game and company I figured that it would be okay to release. Am happy to remove if this is not the case.

Original Credits

  • Simon Burford - Art & Design
  • Adrian Hansen - Art & Design
  • Levan Lordanishvili - Music
  • Tapio Liukkonen - Sound Effects
  • Ben Wallis - Programming & Design

View source in PuzzleScript here.

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